Frequently Asked Questions

Warfield Equestrian Community Center is a private property facility available for use through annual membership.

Warfield Equestrian Park (WEP) is a unique resource available to equestrian enthusiasts. Your support of WEP is essential, whether you are a top competitor or just love horses and recognize the need to have land reserved for riding activities. The availability of WEP becomes even more precious as we witness the continued loss of land used for schooling and competing in equestrian disciplines of dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country jumping. Only those equestrian parks located on public lands, such as Herron Park, are available to anyone to ride at their leisure. The following are some questions and answers that have been developed in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the use of Warfield Park.

Who owns Warfield Equestrian Park?
The 120 acres of WEP was the property of Donald R. Warfield. The park bears his namesake in honor of his generosity. When Don died in 2004, the land was donated to Warfield Equestrian Community Center, Inc. (WECC), a 501c3 non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors of WECC, Inc. is responsible for the administration of WEP. The Board is comprised entirely of just a few unpaid volunteers who spent countless hours working together for the benefit of this park. The foremost goal of the Board is to keep WEP open and available to riders for schooling, competition and recreational purposes. We are always open to suggestions for Park improvements. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

How do I register to become a member of WEP?
Registration forms may be obtained by downloading the forms from the this web site. There are two forms, the Member Agreement and the Member Enrollment Form, that must be completed and  returned annually to Hannah Blodgett at 8410 Blue Marlin Drive, Billings, MT 59106. All forms must be signed, the fee paid and on record at the WEP office prior to riding at the park. IMPORTANT: Riding on park grounds without the active membership status is considered a trespassing violation. This condition is non-negotiable and must be enforced to protect the Park.

As a WEP member and an instructor, can I use WEP as a facility to conduct lessons?
The commercial liability coverage obtained annually by WECC will allow instruction by independent contractors providing that the instructor carry their own personal instructor’s policy, and are a registered member of WEP. Clinicians for an organized activity need to submit proof of insurance coverage as well. Warfield Equestrian Park must be named as an additional insured on the instructor’s policy before the event starts. The USPC and USEA do provide umbrella coverage policies for clinicians and instructors that we do recognize as acceptable forms of instructor’s insurance. Questions regarding this policy and acceptable forms of instructor’s insurance may be directed to the Secretary.

What do I get for my annual membership fee?
As a registered member, you have access to WEP for your riding purposes. Amenities include a Pre-Beginner Novice thru Training Level cross-country course, a full sized dressage arena, a stadium jump arena with an assortment of jumps available, 120 acres for riding enjoyment, and covered stabling. A “Porta-Potty” and water is available during the heavy riding months, generally May through September. Additionally, Warfield members enjoy discounted rates for participation in clinics and shows held at the Park.

How do I organize an activity at WEP?
The Board of Directors welcomes and encourages organized activities at WEP. It is easy to use WEP if you would like to bring in a favorite clinician, have a schooling show, a recognized show or organize a “fun day”. You will need to request/reserve the date(s) for your activity with the Secretary. The Rental Application for your activity date(s) and the Rental Agreement are available on this web site.